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Tom Waits Glitter and Doom Tour - Paperless Ticketing Instructions

Designer:  Davina Chatkeon

Designer: Davina Chatkeon


When Tom Waits’ tour managers decided to use paperless ticketing (a fairly novel feature at that time) for the 2008 Glitter and Doom Tour, they were concerned that some fans would assume the process (novel, at the time) to be confusing. I was asked to write UX copy for the Tom Waits ticketing page that would illustrate how simple the paperless ticketing process actually was.


I wanted to communicate, in as few words as possible, that paperless was truly painless. To do so, I opted for prominent graphics and concise copy that broke down the ticket buying process into three simple steps. 


HerbieHancock.com (2008) 



Overhaul navigation menus and update Herbie Hancock’s biography section by editing all existing copy and creating fresh, up-to-date content to reflect the musician’s latest achievements. Improve site navigation and content organization.


I researched, edited, and updated Herbie's biography section, which, at the time, hadn't covered the last several years of his career. I also worked with the site designer to restructure the entire, content-heavy website (Herbie's a busy man!). This included merging/renaming headers, menu items, and tabs, and reorganizing all content in a way that made more sense from a navigation standpoint.